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H2 Entertainment Insurance Solutions is our recommended Music & Singing Teacher Insurer.

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Music & Singing Teachers Insurance

Music & Singing Teachers Insurance program includes Public Liability cover with a $20,000,000 limit as well as two additional extensions of cover – $1,000,000 Professional Liability Cover and the $500,000 Sexual Molestation Endorsement.

Please note: this policy does not provide cover for loss or damage to your musical instruments and equipment under this policy.

H2EIS Insurance policy runs from 1st April 2017 – 1st April 2018.  If you join with them after renewal date your premium will be offered at a pro-rata amount.

Covering Music & Singing teachers for:

  • Principally music/singing tuition including organising, promoting and staging of recitals and camps and cover for the teachers own performance as a musician including incidental sales of musical equipment/sheet music

Policy Common Expiry Date for all members -  1st April 2018

Limit of Liability:

  • Public & Products Liability - $20,000,000 limit
  • Professional Liability Endorsement - $1,000,000 sub-limit
  • Sexual Molestation Endorsement - $500,000 sub-limit

Goods in Care, Custody or Control - $250,000 sub-limit

Deductible (each and every occurrence) - 

  • Sexual Molestation claims - $5,000
  • All other claims - $500

PREMIUM/COST - $191.90

Coverage & Claims Examples:

Public Liability

This cover responds to personal injury and property damage claims against the insured teacher from a student or other third party due to negligent action or inaction (e.g. if a student attending your music lesson trips over an extension cord that you placed on the floor and hits their head on a table and loses their vision, it may be deemed that you should have taken more care to ensure the extension cord did not create a tripping hazard. As a result, you may be held liable for the student's injury and be ordered to pay compensation).

Professional Liability

This cover responds to personal injury and property damage claims against the insured teacher from a student, resulting from breach of Professional Duty in connection with the insured teacher’s business (e.g. if the insured teacher instructs a student to hold their wrists in a certain way while playing their instrument and the student develops an injury as a result of this instruction and takes action against the teacher, the Professional Liability cover can respond).

Sexual Molestation

This cover responds to physical, emotional or sexual abuse claims made against the insured teacher by a student. This cover is limited to legal defense costs only and cover is void once any allegations are proven to be true.

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